Recruitment of agents / drivers


Recruitment of agencies! For launchInitial cost0Circle

Initial cost

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Agency commission Please contact us (stock method is also available)
  • The best match for restaurants in the Corona era
  • Offering "mobile order payment" at the overwhelming lowest price in the industry
  • Because it can be introduced for 0 yen、Easy to use as a hook product
  • Can be introduced anywhere in the country
  • Except for major chains、The target is wide because it has not been introduced.
  • Strong product power、You can expect introductions from the stores that have introduced it.
support system
  • Easy with the agency check sheet
  • Training available
  • Flyer、anydeli terminal etc.、Sales tools are rented at Anydeli
Recruitment content We are looking for a mobile order payment system agency。 Because we have set a high reward、Not only contract but also operation It is a condition that we can support。

Delivery driver registration


    Required Documents Copy

    ∷ For bicycles

    ① Identification card

    ② Profile photo

    * A view of the front without a cap、Please prepare something that shows the entire face and shoulders。Photographs wearing sunglasses or masks are not allowed。

    * Please prepare an item with no objects or shadows in the background.。You cannot use a copy of your driver's license, etc.。

    ∷ For mopeds

    ① Driver's license

    ② Automobile liability insurance certificate

    ③ License plate photo

    * The vehicle license plate number must be stated on the automobile liability insurance certificate.。If there is no description, please ask the insurance company to add it.。

    ∷ For light cargo or motorcycle

    ① Driver's license

    ② Vehicle inspection certificate or light vehicle notification certificate

    ③Certificate of automobile liability insurance

    ③ License plate photo