Terms of use for store owners

Merchant Agreement

NS 1 Article (Purpose)

anydeli Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our company"。)teeth、"Anydeli", an application that can perform "delivery product pre-order service / take-out service", "mobile order payment service", and "store visit reservation service"(Hereinafter referred to simply as "application"。) Offer、The store owner、Sell ​​products using the application。Main store terms of use(Hereinafter referred to as "this agreement"。)teeth、Regarding the use of the application provided by our company、It defines the contractual relationship between the Company and the store owner.。

NS 2 strip(definition)

① What is a "user"?、A person who uses the application provided by the Company and a person who intends to purchase the product of the store owner.。

② What is "opening a store"?、The store owner agrees to the contents of this agreement、Posting your own information and product information for the purpose of selling your own products to users on the application provided by our company.。

③ What is a "store owner"?、NS 3 Make an application as stipulated in the article、With the consent of the application obtained from us、A person whose information is posted on the application。

④ What is an "application"?、Our company、Apple Inc.(1 Infinite Loop Cupertino, THAT 95014, U.S.A. is located) For mobile terminals made、Google Inc.(1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View, THAT 94043, U.S.A. is located)Development For mobile devices with "Android" OS、And for PC terminals、Planned for other similar terminals、Refers to the application to be delivered。

⑤ What is a "delivery product"?、Beverages that the store owner sells to users by posting information in the application、food、Other similar products。

⑥ What is the "store opening page"?、Posting of store owner information and delivery product information、Sending and receiving communications from us and users、A page for making various other settings。

⑦ What is an "account"?、The ID / password required to access the store opening page issued and granted by the Company to the store opening person and the store opening page.。

⑧ “Usage fee” means the fee paid by the store owner to the Company.、Sales amount of delivery products(tax included)The amount obtained by multiplying the rate by the rate separately determined by the Company and other fees.。

NS 3 strip(Application)

  1. Those who wish to open a store(Hereinafter referred to as "applicants who wish to open a store"。)teeth、After agreeing to this agreement、You must apply to us by the method prescribed by us。note that、In applying、Those who wish to open a store are required to take legal procedures to open a store in the application.(It refers to items necessary for providing delivery products such as food business license applications.、Not limited to this。)Shall be guaranteed to be completed。
  2. When opening a store for those who wish to open a store、Our consent to the application is required。When we judge that it corresponds to any of the following、We are、It shall be possible to reject the application of those who wish to open a store。

① To our company、When providing false information

(2) Our prescribed examination criteria(note that、We are not obligated to disclose such review criteria。)When you do not meet

③ Other、When it is not appropriate to use the application

NS 4 strip(Contract period)

The contract period of this agreement is 6 Month、Unless otherwise requested by us or the store owner、6 It shall be automatically updated every month。

NS 5 strip(Use termination)

1.The day when the store owner stops opening the store and using the application 14 This agreement may be canceled by making a cancellation request to the Company in writing or by e-mail at least one day in advance.。

2.After the store owner has applied for cancellation、Until we delete the store opening page and stop using it, we must fulfill the store opening obligations mandated by this agreement.。

  1. From the day we receive a cancellation request from the store owner 14 Arrangements such as deletion of the store opening page shall be made within a day.。
  2. Payment of sales proceeds shall be made at the end of the month following the month to which the cancellation date belongs.。

NS 6 strip(Notification items)

The store owner、NS 3 When applying for an article、The following matters shall be notified to us in advance.、The same shall apply if the following items are changed after the notification.。Damage caused by failure to report will be borne by the store owner.。

1.Business name(Store name)、Representative name and address

  1. Responsible for opening a store(Hereinafter referred to as "manager"。)Name、E-mail address where you can confirm the contact from us without delay、Telephone number and other matters specified by the Company
  2. Account information required when transferring sales generated by opening a store in the application from our company to the store owner
  3. Other matters related to the business of the store owner designated by the Company

NS 7 strip(Opening a store opening page)

We are、For store owners、In addition to opening the store opening page of the store owner at the URL specified by us on the server、Issue the ID and password required to access the store opening page(The opening date of the store opening page is hereinafter referred to as the "account issuance date".。)。

NS 8 strip(Submission of store opening page information)

  1. The store owner、According to our standards、Within a reasonable period from the account issuance date、Information about stores and delivery products, etc.(Hereinafter referred to as "content"。)On the store opening page。
  2. The store owner、In producing the content in the previous section、The following matters shall be observed。

①The first 20 Do not display anything that violates this agreement, etc.

② Obscene、Do not display grotesque or other items that make users or the general public uncomfortable.

③ Act on Specified Commercial Transactions for Delivery Products, etc. (Showa) 51 Law of the Year 57 No.) whether or not it applies、Same law 11 Articles and enforcement rules of the same law 8 Display matters that are required to be displayed by Article

④ In addition to the previous issue、In addition to displaying the following items、Update to the latest content from time to time

A. Name of the person in charge of managing the store opening page、Phone number and email address

B. Business hours、Regular holidays, etc.

C. Instruct users to make inquiries and complaints about delivery products, etc. to the store owner.

D. User store evaluation point screen specified by our company

E. Other matters specified by the Company

  1. If there is no photo of the delivery product of the store owner that meets the standards set by our company、We shall dispatch a cameraman to shoot。The store owner shall cooperate with the shooting as much as possible.、Delivery products for shooting and other costs required for shooting shall be borne by the store owner.。note that、The rights of the photographs taken belong to us、The store owner can use it for any purpose such as other sites or promotional materials.、The photo cannot be used without our permission.。
  2. We are、The content and display of the content created by the store owner can be changed at our discretion.。

NS 9 strip(Complaint handling)

  1. The store owner、Content created by the store owner、Inquiries from third parties regarding services at the store owners and delivered products, etc.、About complaints, etc.、We shall respond in good faith at our own risk and expense.。
  2. The store owner、Content created by the store owner、Claim for damages from a third party regarding over-the-counter services and delivered delivery products, etc.、Received other complaints、Or if there is a risk of it、Immediately notify us、The store owner shall resolve this at his / her own risk and expense.。in this case、When we suffer damage、The store owner shall compensate us for this.。
  3. Inadvertent spill of goods by delivery person、Or, we will bear the refund to the customer who caused the container to break.。

NS 10 strip(Product price setting)

  1. The price of the delivery product that the store owner sells within the application(tax included)teeth、Including containers and other miscellaneous expenses、Price offered by the store owner with services similar to or similar to the store or application(tax included)(Hereinafter referred to as "store offer price" in this article.)Is it the same amount as、Must be set at a lower price。If the store owner develops a delivery product for the application、Is it the same price as the equivalent product offered by the same or similar service as the store or application of the store owner?、The price shall be set lower than that.。note that、 The store owner、When the offer price of stores etc. is revised、It shall be promptly reflected in the selling price in the application.。
  2. When the Company determines that it violates the provisions of the preceding paragraph、We can notify the store owner of the price revision of the delivery product.。When the store owner fails to respond to the notification without a reasonable reason、The Company shall be able to cancel the opening of the store and perform other processing.。
  3. Delivery product price(tax included)Is reported to us by the user as exceeding the price offered at the store, etc.、As a result, the store owner is the first 1 When we judge that it is against the provisions of the paragraph、The person who opened the store、The total amount of fees paid by the user who made such a declaration when purchasing the delivery product(Includes delivery product price and all service charges incurred in the order。)Shall be paid to us。Such payment、Article 15 1 By the method of deducting from the payment amount from our company to the store owner specified in the section。The provisions of this section are、It does not prevent the processing of the preceding paragraph by the Company and the claim for damages from the Company to the store owner.。

NS 11 strip(Establishment of sales contract for delivery products)

The sales contract for delivery products between the store owner and the user、It shall be established when the store owner approves the order placed on the application by the user and then starts cooking the delivery product.。

NS 12 strip(Completion of delivery of delivery products)

  1. The store owner、Delivery products for which a sales contract has been concluded with the user based on the previous article、By the time specified on the application、It shall be prepared at the store specified as the delivery place on the store opening page.。When the user who placed an order through the application receives the delivery product at the store of the store owner、It is assumed that the delivery has been completed。
  2. Even though the store owner prepared the delivery product、If the user does not pick up the delivery item within 2 hours of the specified delivery time、Delivery is considered complete、We are、NS 14 According to the provisions of the article、The sales amount related to the delivery product shall be paid to the store owner.。note that、In that case、The store owner shall dispose of the delivery product at the discretion of the store owner.。
  3. In the sales contract based on the previous article、If the delivery product is delivered by the place and time specified by the user,、The delivery time of the delivery product in paragraph 1 is、When our registered delivery staff delivers the delivery product to the location specified by the user。
  4. "Amount change processing" not stipulated in Article 11 and this Article、When exceptional processing such as "cancellation processing" is performed、The store owner is from the relevant processing 24 We shall contact you within the time。

NS 13 strip(How to notify delivery)

  1. The store owner、Prepare a terminal to install the application dedicated to the store owner、Install the application on the terminal。
  2. The store owner、The terminal in the previous paragraph shall be set so that the order can be confirmed at all times.。Overlooked order、It is the responsibility of the store owner to make mistakes in the contents of the delivery product.、We do not take any responsibility。

NS 14 strip(Receiving sales on behalf of)

The store owner、To us、Grants the authority to receive the price of the sales contract of the delivery product between the store owner and the user on behalf of the store owner.、The Company shall receive the price from the user on behalf of the store owner.。

NS 15 strip(Payment of sales)

  1. We are、The amount obtained by subtracting the usage fee and transfer fee from the sales amount of the delivery product in the store's application、The last day of the month following the month to which the closing date separately determined by the Company belongs(Hereinafter referred to as "transfer date"。)until、Transfer to the financial institution notified by the store owner。
  2. When there is an error in the transfer destination information reported by the store owner、We will notify the store owner to that effect、The transfer destination information shall be corrected promptly by the store owner.。in this case、We are、Starting from the timing when the correction of financial institution information is accepted, the next transfer date、The remand fee and the transfer fee shall be deducted again from the initial transfer amount and paid.。

NS 16 strip(Sales commitment)

  1. The store owner、Use the application according to the business days and hours set by yourself on the store opening page、Users must remain available for purchase of delivery products。
  2. The fact that violates the previous paragraph 3 Business day(Based on the business day set by the store owner on the store opening page。)When continuous over、We are、Business status and application of the store owner、You may be asked to check the status of your device。in this case、The store owner、Promptly report the situation at our request、If there is any guidance from us regarding the use of the application, we will follow it.。

NS 17 strip(Compliance)

The store owner、Regarding the provision of delivery products and the use of other applications、Food Sanitation Law (Showa 22 Law of the Year 233 No.) and Food Labeling Law (Heisei) 25 Law of the Year 70 No.) Other applicable laws and regulations shall be observed.

NS 18 Article (Trouble with users regarding delivery products)

  1. Users complain about the delivery product itself、When a complaint is made、Resolve this at the store owner's responsibility (including compensation for damages)。The same shall apply hereinafter in this article)、We do not take responsibility。note that、We may cooperate with this solution、This reduces any liability of the store owner、Not an exemption or replacement。
  2. Complaints about delivery of delivery products from users、When a complaint is made、It is the responsibility of the Company and its registered delivery personnel to resolve this.。

NS 19 Article (Store reservation)

The user uses the application to reserve a visit to the store of the store owner (including reservation of food order)。)、Because the user canceled the reservation without permission、Even if the store owner suffers damage、We are、We are not obligated to compensate for the damage。

NS 20 strip(Prohibited matters)

1.The store owner、Do not do the following:。

① Acts that violate or may violate the provisions of laws and regulations

② Acts that are offensive to public order and morals

③ Acts that violate the voluntary standards for advertising set by the Japan Telecom Sales Association

④ Acts that may mislead the judgment of the user or a third party

⑤ Our company、Other store owners、To users or third parties、Property rights(Including intellectual property rights)Infringement、Infringement of honor and privacy、Slandering、Other acts that give or may cause disadvantage

⑥ Promotion of stores in other applications、Hyperlink to an external website、Display of preferential treatment for off-site transactions using telephone, fax, e-mail, etc.、Acts of attracting users to transactions outside the application by other means

⑦ Personal information of the user or a third party、Registration information、Usage history information etc.、Unauthorized collection、Acts of disclosure or provision

⑧ For the email address obtained through the use of the application、The act of delivering an e-mail containing advertisements / promotions by a method that does not go through an application

⑨ After the end of this agreement、Acts of using the e-mail address and other user information acquired in connection with the operation of the store opening page of the application(Including the delivery of e-mails containing advertisements and other solicitations、Not limited to this。)

⑩ Providing services similar to or similar to the application

⑪ Acts that interfere with the operation and maintenance of our service operations

⑫ Act of falsifying available information about the application

⑬ Harmful computer program、The act of sending or writing emails, etc. to the application

⑭ Unauthorized access to the server or other computers of our company

⑮ Acts that the Company separately defines as prohibited acts

⑯ Acts that violate this agreement

2.The store owner、Products whose sale is prohibited by law、Products that may infringe the rights of third parties, etc.、It is not possible to sell products, etc. that we have separately notified the store owner as a ban on sales, or products, etc. that we have determined do not match the image of the application.

NS 21 strip(Use stop/cancel)

  1. We are、The store owner falls under any of the following、Or when it is judged that there is a possibility of being applicable、Suspended the use of the application by the store owner without notice、Or, cancel this agreement with the store owner without requiring any notification.、Application can be discontinued。Even if some damage occurs to the store owner due to such suspension or cancellation of use、We are、For store owners、Take no responsibility。

① Our company is the first after starting to use the application 3 Article 2 If you find out that there is a reason for refusing the application specified in the section

② If you violate this agreement

③ When the application is used for fraudulent or unreasonable purposes

④ Regardless of the reason attributable to our company、If you cannot contact the store owner

⑤ To the application account 1 If you haven't accessed for more than a year

⑥ Other、When we perform an act that we deem inappropriate

  1. Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding paragraph、We are for store owners 14 By notifying in advance, the use of the store owner can be stopped or this agreement can be canceled.。Even if some damage occurs to the store owner due to such suspension or cancellation of use、We are、For store owners、Take no responsibility。

NS 22 strip(Non-guarantee and disclaimer)

  1. We are、Virtual or legal defects in the application(safety、reliability、Correctness、Integrity、Effectiveness、Suitability for a specific purpose、Defects related to security etc.、Errors and bugs、Including infringement、Not limited to these。)Does not guarantee, either explicitly or implicitly。
  2. We are、We are not responsible for any damage caused to the store owner due to the store owner using the application.。However,、This does not apply if this damage is caused by our intentional or gross negligence.、in this case、We will deal with normal and direct damage caused to the store owner.、Up to the usage fee actually paid by the store owner in the month when this damage occurred、We shall be liable for this。

NS 23 strip(Keep confidential)

The store owner、Our confidential information(Our customers、product、service、business、technology、Know-how、idea、All information about the concept etc.、Regardless of the disclosure method、It means that the Company clearly states that it is confidential at the time of disclosure.。)Shall be kept secret、Unless required by law to disclose、The confidential information shall not be disclosed or leaked to a third party without the prior written consent of the Company.。

NS 24 strip(Elimination of antisocial forces)

  1. The store owner、Self or its representative、board member、Person who has practical management right、Employee or agent(Hereinafter referred to as "related person"。)But、now、Boryokudan、Boryokudan members、Those who have not been a member of a gangster for less than five years、Violent Group Associate Member、Boryokudan affiliated companies、General assembly shop, etc.、Let's mark social movements, etc.、Special intelligence violent groups, etc. or those who are closely related to these persons or those who are similar to them(Hereinafter referred to as "anti-social forces"。)Represented that it does not correspond to any of、And、Promise that this will not be the case in the future。
  2. The store owner、You or your affiliates、Directly or indirectly、We promise not to do the following:。

① Violent demands

(2) Unreasonable demands beyond legal responsibility

③ Regarding transactions、Threatening behavior(Including telling that you or your affiliates are antisocial forces、Not limited to this。)Do、Or acts that use violence

④ Disseminate rumors、Damage our credibility by using counterfeit or power、Or acts that interfere with our business

⑤ Other acts according to the previous items

  1. When it is found that the store owner violates either the stated items or the promised items specified in the preceding two paragraphs.、We are、Cancel this agreement without any notice、It is possible to discontinue the provision of the application。 Even if the store owner suffers any damage due to such cancellation、We are、For store owners、Take no responsibility。

NS 25 strip(Agreement resolution)

If you have any doubts about matters not stipulated in this agreement or the contents of this agreement、The Company and the store owner shall resolve the consultation in good faith.。

NS 26 strip(Governing law and consensus jurisdiction)

Interpretation and application of this agreement、Compliant with Japanese law、For all disputes related to this agreement、Make the Tokyo District Court the exclusive agreement jurisdictional court of the first instance。

I agree with the above as a store owner。

Company name:anydeli Co., Ltd.
Representative Director: Beautiful
address:1-16-15 Minamiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo Diagate Ikebukuro 5th floor
contact address:03 4570 6973

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