A:Whether to prepare a Wi-Fi environment、It is also possible to insert the SIM card into the terminal and use it.。

A:Ikebukuro Station、Ueno Station、Shinjuku station、Takadanobaba、New King Kubo、Around Nishikawaguchi Station。We are planning to expand in new areas one after another。

A:From the store management app、Easy to register。
* A video of how to use is also installed、Polite support is also substantial

A:You can also select cash payment on the payment screen。

A:Receipts and receipts can be issued。

A:Supports English and Chinese。We plan to add supported languages ​​in the future。

A:2023Settlement fees after March of the year、According to fluctuations in settlement fees of affiliated settlement companies、May make changes。For merchants、Strive to stay the lowest in the industry。


A:① After applying from the application form、We will send you an invitation email。Confirmation material、Please submit images such as menu tables。
② Download the store management app、Please register the menu from your smartphone etc.。
③ When the QR for order arrives、You can install it and start the service on that day。
For more informationHereplease look at。

A:After completing the application、最短2週間前後での導入が可能です