Q Do you need an internet environment?
A will be required。It is also possible with a smartphone network.。
Q How do I register my product?。
A On the store management app or PC management screen、Easy to register。
*We also provide thorough support.。
Q Do you accept cash payments?。
A You can also choose to pay by cash on the payment screen.。
Q Can you issue a receipt?
A Can be issued。
Q Do you support English?
A Supports English and Chinese。(Customer screen、(Both store app screens)
Q Are English and Chinese automatically translated?
A no、Not automatic translation、English and Chinese menus can be registered individually.。Therefore、Enter exact menu name。
Japanese only、Available in Japanese or English only。
Q Are there any cancellation fees or contract period restrictions?
A There are no contract fees or penalties。
Q What is the flow from application to start of use?

① After applying from the application form、We will contact you via email or phone for information.。

②Please send us the necessary documents。

③Determine equipment and equipment to suit your store。

④Register the menu。

⑤ After setting up the QR and equipment、You can start。

Please check this out for details。

Q From application to start of use、How many days will it take?
A After completing the application、Can be installed in as little as 2 weeks。
Q Does the price change depending on the number of seats and tables?
A Monthly fees and fees remain the same.。
Just the price for the QR code (issued only for the first time)、Varies depending on number of seats or tables。
Q Is there a bill splitting function?

Our system has、Recommended type for lunch with few additional orders (no-reset type)、There is a type (reset type) recommended for dinners where there are many additional orders.。

No reset type、
Separate accounting for each smartphone、Splitting the bill is the default even if you visit with a large number of people.。Therefore、You can instantly reduce individual accounting time for group customers.。

The reset type is、
Payment will be made in bulk to the representative at the table.。

Q Isn't there an optional fee if I use all the features?
A no、There are no optional fees for use.。
Please contact us for more information
Q Can it be linked with other companies' POS registers and systems?
A Cannot be linked with other companies' POS registers, etc.。
If you have a usable iPad or printer、You can reduce initial costs by reusing equipment.。
Even if it's not a complete switch、It is also possible to use the plus。
Please contact us for details regarding equipment.。
Q How much can accounting be automated?
A Currently, the average online checkout rate for stores that have introduced the system is around 70%.。
Therefore、We are able to automate an average of 70% of accounting.。
By reducing cash work、Accounting exchange、Staff tasks such as closing the cash register will become much easier.
Q We have a lot of cash customers.…
A You can make a one-stop payment from the order screen.、Increases cashless transition rate for cash-paying customers。As the cashless ratio increases、Reduces the risk of working with cash and storing cash。