A:You can apply for mobile order and delivery at the same time.、Import fee、There is no monthly usage fee。Costs、There is no demerit even if you do not use it because it is only the system usage fee for the sales of the service you use。

A:Whether to prepare a Wi-Fi environment、It is also possible to insert the SIM card into the terminal and use it.。

A:Ikebukuro Station、Ueno Station、Shinjuku station、Takadanobaba、New King Kubo、Around Nishikawaguchi Station。We are planning to expand in new areas one after another。

A:From the store management app、Easy to register。
* A video of how to use is also installed、Polite support is also substantial

A:You can also select cash payment on the payment screen。

A:Receipts and receipts can be issued。

A:Supports English and Chinese。We plan to add supported languages ​​in the future。

A:2021For those who applied by September 31, 2014、Installation cost、Monthly fee is 0 yen。For customers who do not have a terminal、We will sell an android terminal with a printer at a special price of 16,800 yen。The terminal fee is、Since it will be offset from the initial deposit amount、There is no cost to pay at the time of introduction。

A:2023Settlement fees after March of the year、According to fluctuations in settlement fees of affiliated settlement companies、May make changes。For merchants、Strive to stay the lowest in the industry。

A:Termination fee、There is no restriction on the contract period。

A:There is no additional charge depending on the number of seats。

A:① After applying from the application form、We will send you an invitation email。Confirmation material、Please submit images such as menu tables。
② Download the store management app、Please register the menu from your smartphone etc.。
③ When the QR for order arrives、You can install it and start the service on that day。
For more informationHereplease look at。

A:After completing the application、It can be introduced in a minimum of one week。