Terms of use for users

Terms of use for users

Article 1 (Purpose and scope)

This agreement (hereinafter referred to as "this agreement") is、Anydeli Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our company"。) Provides application software anydeli (referred to as specified in paragraph 1 of the next article)、Hereinafter referred to as "anydeli"。) All products and services (hereinafter referred to as "this service")。) Conditions for use、It is determined between the member who uses this service and our company.。
Members、You must use anydeli in accordance with this agreement、By using anydeli, you are deemed to have agreed to this agreement.。

Article 2 (Definitions)

What is "anydeli"、Delivery orders and pre-payments for products for which the store owner provides his / her own products for a fee on this service, and reservations for visits to the store owner、An application that provides services that allow pre-orders and electronic payments and other related services.。
What is a "member"?、According to this agreement, the usage contract of this service with our company (hereinafter referred to simply as "usage contract")。)、A user who uses this service。We are、A system in which members order products provided by store owners and related services (product prices payable by members to store owners and delivery charges for delivery products (hereinafter collectively referred to as "product prices, etc."。)of、Including receiving on behalf of the store owner、Not limited to this。) Only to provide、Sales contract for products (in the case of providing delivery products)、Shall include an agreement on the delivery of goods。The same applies below)、It shall be established between the member and the store owner、Regarding the sales contract、All at your own risk between the member and the store owner、We do not take any responsibility。
What is a "store owner"?、Post products on this service for the purpose of selling your own products、When an order is placed by a member, a person who provides the product to the member in the form of delivery and a member who makes a reservation for visiting the store through anydeli、Or receive a pre-order for the product、The person who provides the product。
What is a "product"?、A general term for products that members can purchase from store owners by using anydeli.、Among them, the products purchased by the delivery method are called "delivery products".。

Article 3 (Posting and revision of regulations)

We are、So that members can easily check this agreement and personal information handling policy (privacy policy)、Posted on the screen of this service。
We are、Without member consent、Also without prior notice、This agreement may be revised to the extent that it does not violate related laws and regulations.、Members agree to this。
When the Company displays and announces this agreement revised in accordance with the preceding paragraph、When the member continues to use this service after the application date of the revision、Members、It is considered that you have agreed to the revised Terms.。
Members、If you do not agree to these terms、Access this service、Or do not use this。

Article 4 (Membership registration and withdrawal)

Those who wish to register as a member to use this service (hereinafter referred to as "registration applicant")。) Shall understand and agree to this agreement, and apply for membership registration of this service according to the prescribed procedure.
Even if the Company refuses the application for membership registration or prohibits the use of this service by the member, the Company shall not be liable to the registration applicant or the member for the refusal or prohibition. We are not obligated to disclose the reason to the applicant for registration or the member.
When the registration applicant agrees to this agreement and registers as a member, a contract for using this service containing this agreement shall be established between the registration applicant and the Company.
The registration applicant expresses that he / she does not fall under any of the following cases when applying for membership registration of this service.
⑴ If you are a minor and have not obtained the consent of a parent or guardian
⑵ If your membership has been canceled in the past
⑶ If the content to be reported at the time of application is false, fraudulent, double registration, clerical error or omission
⑷ Persons under 14 years old
⑸  Anti-social forces (violence、Boryokudan members、Those who have not passed 5 years since they were no longer members of the gangsters、Violent Group Associate Member、Boryokudan affiliated companies、General assembly shop, etc.、Social movements, etc.、Special intelligence violent groups, etc. or those who are similar to these。same as below。)、When it is recognized that antisocial forces are substantially involved in the management、When it is recognized that you are using antisocial forces、When it is recognized that they are involved in providing funds, etc. or providing convenience to antisocial forces、Or if you have a socially criticized relationship with antisocial forces
⑹ When there are other reasons that we deem inappropriate
The Company determines that the member violates the contents of this agreement (including, but not limited to, the statement in the preceding paragraph is true or inaccurate, and the prohibited acts of the provisions of this agreement. The same shall apply hereinafter). In that case, the member can be forcibly withdrawn immediately without any notice.。Even if the Company permits the return of the member after the withdrawal process, the information associated with the account before the return will be lost and the Company will not compensate or restore it.。
Members、By requesting withdrawal from the Company from the prescribed withdrawal form、You can unregister anydeli。note that、We are、Name and phone number information shall be retained even after the member withdraws for the purpose of double registration and fraud prevention.、Members agree to this。

Article 5 (Contents of this service)

The content of this service is limited to the scope of disclosure that we provide to members in this agreement or this service, and we are not obligated to perform any act beyond that scope.
In using this service, all necessary communication costs shall be borne by the member. In addition, the Company shall be able to access all of this service from any device or communication service plan, or any service provided by the communication carrier. We do not guarantee that there will be no interruptions or defects.。
The Company shall be able to change, add, or abolish all or part of this service for any reason without prior notice. However, if all of this service is to be abolished, We will notify the members in advance in the contact information column on our website and anydeli.。The Company shall not be liable for any damages or obstacles caused to members or other third parties due to these acts.。
The Company shall be able to transfer or succeed all or part of the rights and obligations with the member based on this agreement to a third party without the consent of the member. We shall not be liable for any damages or obstacles.。
The member who placed the order for the delivery product、At the place designated by the member through this service、You can receive delivery items from a delivery partner who has been entrusted with delivery for the order.。Delivery partner、For the purpose of delivering delivery products by store owners and providing incidental and related services、The consignment is directly received from the store owner.。Members、For delivery partners、Acts that deviate from this purpose、Doing unjust or illegal acts、Or you must not request such an act。
Members make reservations to store owners through this service.、You must not do the following:。
⑴ Cancellation of reservations through this service without permission
⑵ Non-payment when the store owner has set a cancellation fee on this service
⑶ Make reservations to multiple stores at the same time on the same day, etc.、Acts that are deemed impossible to visit the listed store or receive the service of the reservation contents
⑷ On the reservation details input screen for this service、Acts of entering items other than the contents related to reservations to the listed stores
⑸ On the reservation details input screen for this service、Name of self or others、address、phone number、E-mail address, etc.、Intentionally false information (including fictitious information that does not exist)、Not limited to this。)
⑹ Our company、Annoying acts against store owners or third parties
⑺ Other acts that violate or may violate laws and regulations
When the Company recognizes that a member violates each item of the preceding paragraph、Or if there is a report from the store owner that it violates each item of the preceding paragraph、We are、Without notifying the member in advance、Suspension of use of part or all of this service、Deprivation of membership、Measures deemed necessary by the Company, such as claims for damages (including legal measures)、Not limited to this。) Can be taken。

Article 6 (Payment of delivery products to store owners)

Members、For ordering delivery products、Select and enter the specified information from the order form on this service、You can order the products offered by each store。When the member receives a notification of the start of cooking from the store owner through anydeli、A sales contract containing the order shall be concluded between the member and the store owner.。The member agrees in advance that the order cannot be canceled after the sales contract is concluded.。
Members、The product price, etc. related to the sales contract concluded between the member and the store owner、By credit card payment or any other method we accept for each individual order、This includes the case where the company is authorized to receive the product price, etc. on behalf of the store owner (including the case where the third party is separately designated or appointed by the company).。)。
For details on payment methods and methods such as the product price in the preceding paragraph、It is determined within this service. The Company shall be able to change the payment method and method such as the product price, and after the notification of the change is published in this service、When the member first accesses this service, the member is deemed to have agreed to the change.。The member agrees to regularly check the contents of the payment method / method on this service in order to know whether there is any change in the payment method / method and the notification of the contents without delay.。

Article 7 (Attribution of copyright and other rights related to this service)

Copyright related to this service (including the rights of Articles 27 and 28 of the Copyright Law)。the following、same)、Trademark rights and all other rights、It shall belong to us or our licensors.。In the use of this service by members、All rights regarding this service、Company name of our company or our licensor、logo、Product and service name、About trademarks or service marks、The right to use or refer to、It is not transferred or granted to members。also、Members are all information and contents in this service without our permission (however, they are sent by themselves.、Excludes content for which the member reserves the right。) Cannot be duplicated or used.
Members、The following acts shall not be performed。
(1) Copyright of our company and third parties regarding this service、Acts that infringe trademark rights or any other rights
⑵ Change of this service、Creation of derivatives、Promulgate、license、lease、sale、assignment、stream、To air
⑶ Decompile this service、reverse engineering、Or to dismantle
⑷ Link all or part of this service、mirror、Or to frame
⑸ About all or part of this service、Performing data mining
⑹ Imposing an unreasonable burden on this service、Or for the purpose of impairing its operation or function、Generating or deploying a program or script
⑺ Unauthorized access to this service or its related systems and networks, or attempting to impair these functions
This service is、Services provided by third parties that we do not control (delivery and other services provided by third parties)。Same below) and content (including advertising)。Same below)、May be disclosed or accessed by the service and content providers。Members、About the use of the third party service and contents by the member、Please note that the terms of use and privacy policy set forth separately may apply.。We do not guarantee the services and contents provided by the third party.、In addition, we are not responsible for the products or services of the service and content providers.。Moreover、Members、Apple iOS、Android、When accessing the Services developed for Microsoft Windows or Blackberry mobile devices、Apple、Google、Microsoft Corporation or Blackberry Ltd. and their subsidiaries and affiliates (hereinafter collectively referred to as "device manufacturers")。)teeth、Not a party to this Agreement、We are not responsible for the provision or support of this service in any way.。Access to the Service by members using these devices、It shall comply with the conditions set by the device manufacturer.。
We are、At our sole discretion、Commentary related to this service created by members、Including feedback etc.、text、audio、And visual content and information (hereinafter referred to as "user content")、By sending to us through this service, etc.、Members may be allowed to make it available at any time.。Members、About sent user content、Our company、Without notice to the member or individual consent of the member、Also, without paying members or others、Use by any method (including displaying on this service)、I agree to (but not limited to)。
Members can use user content、The following contents shall not be included。
⑴  others(Including our company and store owners。)Content that defames or slanders
⑵ Bad talk、Obscene and obscene content、Violent content, etc.、Content that is offensive to public order and morals
⑶ Make reservations to multiple stores at the same time on the same day, etc.、Acts that are deemed impossible to visit the listed store or receive the service of the reservation contents
⑷ Content that induces fear and anxiety without grounds
⑸ Good customs and others、Content that goes against social order
⑹ Other、Contents that we judge to be inappropriate for the operation of this service
When the user content sent by the member is judged to be inappropriate、The following measures may be taken。Members are concerned about the measures、To us、No claim shall be made。
⑴ Automatic deletion measures
⑵ For the member who sent the user content、Restriction on the use of this service or suspension of the member's account

Article 8 (Management of ID and password)

Members shall strictly manage the ID and password given by this service so that they will not be leaked, and shall not allow a third party to use or disclose it.
If an access is made using the ID / password given by this service, the Company will treat the access as an access by the member concerned. In addition, the management of the given ID / password is insufficient and the usage The member shall be liable for any damages caused to the member or the third party due to the access using the member's ID / password by the third party based on an error or any other reason. Takes no responsibility。
If damage occurs to the Company due to the use and management of the ID and password given to the member, the member shall be liable to the Company for the damage.
Our company and affiliated companies、For marketing purposes and other purposes、For any of the member's phone numbers、Telephone or text message (including by automatic telephone dialing system)。) Can be contacted by sending。

Article 9 (Prohibited Acts)

Members shall not perform the following acts.
⑴ Acts that violate this agreement
⑵ Act of trying to acquire the product by an illegal method
(3) Acts of lending, exchanging, transferring, changing the name, buying and selling, pledge, providing collateral, or otherwise letting a third party use or dispose of the user ID and this service account data.
⑷ Resale of products provided and acquired by this service for commercial purposes
⑸ Our company、Store owner、Acts that cause or promote disadvantages or damages to other members or third parties
⑹ Acts that violate or promote laws and ordinances
⑺ Criminal acts, acts that violate public order and morals, or acts that promote them
⑻ Unauthorized access to this service, obstruction of operation due to computer virus, etc.
⑼ Acts that infringe or promote the honor, credit, privacy, copyright and other rights of others
⑽ Acts of misrepresenting age or identity or declaring false information when using this service
⑾ Select or use another person's name as the registered name、Acts of impersonating that person
⑿ Use the name of a person or organization other than the person without proper permission、Acts that infringe that right
⒀  vulgar、Use obscene names、Acts that make others uncomfortable
⒁ Disassemble this service through all processing activities、change、Act of imitation
⒂ Without our consent、Acts of using this service for commercial purposes
⒃  obscene、Acts of displaying violent information, etc.
⒄ Our company、Store owner、Unfair discrimination against other members or third parties、Slandering、Intimidation、others、Words, actions, actions, and actions that make you anxious and uncomfortable
⒅ Our company、Store owner、Fraud or intimidation against other members or other third parties
⒆ Business obstruction or harassment to the store owner
⒇ Other acts that the Company deems inappropriate
We are、If it is determined that a member has performed each of the prohibited acts specified in the preceding paragraph, the relevant part can be deleted immediately or the provision of this service to the member can be stopped without notifying the member.、If it is deemed necessary, the usage information can be disclosed and provided to courts, public prosecutors offices, police, local governments, and other organizations with authority recognized by laws and ordinances without the permission of the member. will do。

Article 10 (Interruption / suspension of service)

Natural disasters, accidents, power outages in the provision of this service、In the event of a telecommunications service failure or other emergency situation that we determine、This service can be suspended or interrupted.、About member damage caused by this、We do not take any responsibility。

Article 11 (Handling of personal information)

We have a name in accordance with our privacy policy.、address、Personal information obtained through this service, such as telephone numbers, shall be managed appropriately. However, when disclosure or information provision is requested by public institutions such as courts and police, or when a request is received based on laws and regulations. In some cases, we may respond without the consent of the member.。In addition, we shall be able to use personal information to improve the service.。
Members、Our company、Member registration information and other personal information、Store owner、I agree that it may be provided to the delivery partner of the delivery product and the provider of the service and content provided by the third party specified in Article 7, Paragraph 3.。

Article 12 (About the use of cookies, IDFA and Android ID)

Each site operated by our company may use cookies. Also, iOS apps may use IDFA, and Android apps may use Android ID.。We mainly use information such as cookies for the following purposes:。
⑴ To prevent members from having to enter their password every time
⑵ To improve the contents of websites and apps to satisfy members, and to customize them for individual members.
⑶ To provide services according to the interests of members
⑷ To control members not to display the same advertisement multiple times, or to adjust to display information that seems to be useful.
In addition, we may publish aggregated information obtained by statistically processing the information obtained by using cookies, but this does not include information that can identify individual members. Also, to the extent that individuals are not identified. Cookies may be linked to IDFA or Android ID and provided to a third party.。Preference data includes behavior history such as accessed URLs, contents, and reference order, and attribute information such as gender, occupation, and age, but does not include names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.。

Article 13 (Scope of liability and disclaimer)

For whatever reason, the member used or did not use this service (including the case where it could not be used)。) Lost profits caused by、Lost data、Spirit、Including physical or property damage、Indirect damage、Incidental damage、Special damage、About punitive damages or consequential damages、We do not take any responsibility.
We are、We do not guarantee the completeness, accuracy, certainty, etc. of the information and functions provided in this service.
The Company shall not be liable for any contact, transaction or dispute between the member and the store owner or a third party that occurs in connection with the use of this service, and the member shall incur any damage, loss or expense to the Company. Appropriate measures must be taken so as not to impose a burden. If a member uses this service in violation of laws and regulations or this agreement, the Company will directly or indirectly bear some damage, loss or expense ( Includes legal fees。), The member shall immediately compensate or compensate for this in accordance with our request.。
Product content, ordering and provision within this service、If any trouble occurs regarding delivery, etc., the store owner and the member shall discuss and resolve it, and we shall not be responsible for it.
About the information about the store owner's products displayed in this service、We do not take any responsibility。
Members are instructed by the Company or the store owner displayed in this service.、We shall comply with cautionary statements and other guidance statements.。The Company shall not be liable for any damage, loss or expense burden directly or indirectly caused by the member's failure to comply with this.。

Article 14 (Prohibition of transfer of members' rights and obligations)

Members shall not transfer, lend, provide collateral, etc. to a third party for all or part of the rights and obligations based on this agreement. All information and rights related to members can be deleted.。

Article 15 (Governing law and court of jurisdiction)

This agreement shall be construed in accordance with Japanese law, and the Tokyo Summary Court or the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive agreement jurisdictional court of the first instance for all disputes concerning this agreement and this service.