anydeli user service agreement

Use protocol

Welcome to register anydeli account and use anydeli service!
This "anydeli user service agreement" (hereinafter referred to as "the service agreement") is an agreement between you and anydeli on the registration of anydeli user account and the use of anydeli services and other related matters。To use anydeli's services,You should carefully read and abide by all content under this service agreement,Especially clauses involving exemption or limitation of liability,Such clauses may be bolded or underlined in bold to remind you to pay more attention。Unless you have read and accepted all the terms of this service agreement,Otherwise, you will not be able to register anydeli account or use anydeli services,If you do not agree to any content of these terms of service,Do not register or use anydeli's services,And the registration process should be stopped immediately。If you have any doubts about the content of this service agreement (especially the clauses involving exemption or limitation of liability),You can contact us at any time according to the contact information listed in this service agreement,We will further explain and explain the relevant content for you according to your requirements。If you check "I agree to the "anydeli User Service Agreement"" and use or accept any service of anydeli through the registration process or any other means,It is deemed that you have read and agreed to this service agreement,Voluntarily accept the constraints of all contents of this service agreement。Please reconfirm that you know and fully understand all the contents of this service agreement before deciding to register or use the service。

If you are under 18 years old,Please be sure to read this service agreement with your parents and other legal guardians,And registering、Place an order、Before any behavior such as payment or any other services of anydeli,You should obtain the consent of your parents and other legal guardians in advance。

The "services" mentioned in this service agreement include your use of anydeli user account to accept anydeli platform related businesses、Services provided by individuals,It also includes the use of anydeli user account to other merchants under certain business categories.、Circumstances in which individuals or other entities provide services。No matter what kind of situation the "service" belongs to above,This "anydeli user service agreement" will be applicable。

One、Subject and scope of the agreement

[Subject of contract] Depends on the specific service you use,"Anydeli" refers to the collective name of the relevant entities that operate under anydeli or provide the relevant specific services you use,You can view the names and information of the above entities in the specific terms of service or documentation for the relevant services。
"User" refers to the user who uses anydeli related services,More referred to as "you" in this service agreement。

[Content of the agreement] The content of this service agreement also includes:

(1) The text of this "anydeli user service agreement";

(2) "anydeli privacy policy" (link address: attaches great importance to the protection of your personal information and privacy,The collection of privacy and personal information in specific services will be carried out in accordance with the policies published in the "anydeli privacy policy"、storage、use、Disclosure and other activities。Before you register anydeli account,You should read the "anydeli privacy policy" carefully;

(3) Terms of service for specific services:Once your anydeli platform account is registered,You can use the account to enjoy various rich services on the anydeli platform according to the regulations。In order to better provide you with various services,The anydeli platform has formulated special terms of service for specific services,For service parties to comply with。You can click on【Related specific service website、Page or application] to view and download such special terms of service。Before you use a specific service,You should carefully read the terms of service applicable to the service,You register anydeli account and use anydeli account to use specific services, which means that you have accepted these terms of service at the same time,And will be bound by these terms of service;

(4) Special goods or service rules。To better improve the user experience,anydeli has specially formulated detailed rules in a number of specific special goods or services,For all parties to comply。

(5) User authorization agreement related to third-party services。For your convenience while using anydeli platform services,According to your own needs,Jump through the anydeli platform, etc.,Voluntarily choose to accept services provided by independent third-party service providers and some associated third-party service providers,You will agree to confirm the corresponding user authorization agreement before using these third-party services,To serve as the basis for the rights and obligations between you and the anydeli platform on matters related to the use of such third-party services。

If there is any inconsistency between the above items,Subject to the latest content released in time,Same time,Subject to the reverse order of the serial numbers of the components contained in this paragraph [Agreement Content]。

[Agreement compliance] You understand and agree:

(1) The agreement mentioned in the above [Content of Agreement]、policy、Terms and rules form an integral part of this service agreement,Commonly applicable to anydeli platform services you use。

(2) Changes in accordance with national laws and regulations、Operational needs or for the purpose of improving service quality,anydeli will review the above agreements when necessary、Terms and rules are revised and updated from time to time,And through an announcement on the web or mobile client、The station letter is reasonable、Notify you in advance in an eye-catching way,The above modifications and updates will be implemented on the date specified in the relevant update instructions,Usually no less than eight calendar days after the release date。

(3) You should check and understand relevant updates and modifications in time,If you do not agree to the relevant updates and amendments,You can stop using the services involved in the relevant updates and modifications,In this case,Changes have no effect on you;If you continue to use the services involved after the implementation of the above updates and modifications,It will be deemed that you have agreed to the updates and modifications。

[Applicable platform] This service agreement is applicable to the web、Mobile client (including IOS、Services provided by anydeli in various platforms or media such as Android and any other mobile clients that have been or will be added in the future)。You know and understand,To enjoy the above related services,You must provide relevant Internet access equipment (such as:personal computer、Cell phone、Tablets or other devices) and bear the relevant expenses incurred in the use of the network and payment of goods and services on their own。

two、Account registration

[Registration Information] You should follow honesty and credibility、Principle of lawful good faith,Submit relevant registration information to anydeli,Relevant registration materials should comply with laws and regulations、Socialist system、National interest、Citizen's legal rights、Public order and morals、Principles of truthful information,No illegal or bad information should be submitted,Related information is subject to change,You should update。If the registration information provided by you is illegal、Untrue、Inaccurate or not updated in time,Resulting in related legal liabilities or adverse consequences,You will bear the corresponding legal responsibilities and adverse consequences。

You know,During anydeli account registration process,Due to safety、Internal management and other reasons,Part of the initial registration information may not be able to be changed again。therefore,You should carefully check this part of the registration information,Make sure to fill in correctly。

[Civil capacity] You know and promise,You have full capacity for civil rights and capacity, or although you do not have full capacity for civil rights and capacity, but you have obtained the consent of your parents and other legal guardians, and are registered and used by anydeli's services on behalf of your parents and other legal guardians。If you do not have the above-mentioned corresponding civil capacity, then you will register your account,Then you, your parents and other legal guardians shall bear all consequences arising therefrom in accordance with the law。

[True Identity] Due to national laws and regulations、Regulatory requirements and specific categories of services (such as financial services, etc.),You may need to fill in your true identity information in specific links during registration or use of these services,And you need to pass the relevant verification process before you can use the service,If the identity information you fill in is incomplete、Untrue or failed verification,Will prevent you from using the service、Damage oneself、Others' benefit or cause other adverse consequences,The consequences will be borne by you。

【Registration Information Protection】anydeli will protect the registration information you submit,Will not disclose it to any unaffiliated third party,unless:

(1) Relevant laws and regulations or requirements of state agencies;

(2) Anydeli has a related merger、Separate、Acquisition or asset transfer;

(3) Necessary to provide related services。

Regarding the content of personal information in the registration information you submitted,anydeli will collect in strict accordance with the "anydeli privacy policy"、Handling and use。

[Number of accounts] Except for historical reasons、Business integration and other special circumstances recognized by anydeli,In principle, anydeli only allows you to use one anydeli user account。If there is evidence or anydeli has reason to believe that you have improper registration or improper use of multiple anydeli accounts,anydeli may merge relevant account information or take other reasonable measures,If you cause losses to anydeli and related parties due to improper registration or improper use,You should also bear the corresponding compensation liability。In addition,For related business needs,anydeli can also merge multiple accounts or related information of the same user,If such a merger will have a substantial impact on your rights and interests,anydeli will obtain your prior consent before proceeding with the aforementioned merger。

three、 Use of account

[Account login] You can log in to the anydeli platform with the account password that was registered when you registered the account and was approved by the system。For your convenience,anydeli will provide fingerprint recognition in due course、Facial recognition and other safer and more convenient login methods,anydeli can be based on relevant laws and regulations、Regulatory requirements、user experience、Risk control and other factors adjust or increase or decrease the registration method in a timely manner,Or further refine or adjust in the user service terms and other provisions of specific business categories。

[Account usage] You should deal with all actions under your account (including but not limited to signing any agreement online),Browse、buy、Pay、Reviews、Upload、release、Enter any content) responsible for all consequences,The above behaviors that occur through your account will be regarded as your true intentions。

anydeli reminds you,You upload through your account in all services that accept anydeli、Any content sent should have a legitimate source,If the relevant content involves the legitimate rights and interests of any third party,Appropriate permission should be obtained in advance。If anydeli receives related reports or complaints involving you,anydeli can take the methods required or permitted by relevant laws and regulations,To the relevant parties、Relevant departments provide necessary information including account numbers,In order to resolve disputes,Protect the legitimate rights and interests of legitimate rights holders。

[Account Borrowing] To ensure the security of related accounts,Without anydeli's written consent,You should not lend the account registered on the anydeli platform to others for use,Otherwise, you should bear all the responsibilities arising therefrom,Anydeli platform reserves the right to refuse to provide corresponding services、The right to freeze or withdraw the registered account or terminate this service agreement,And can ask you to compensate for the losses suffered by anydeli。

[Security Obligation] If you find a security problem with your account,Please contact anydeli immediately for investigation,Otherwise anydeli will not bear any responsibility for the occurrence or expansion of potential losses。

anydeli specially reminds you,You should keep your account and password properly,When you finish using anydeli service,You should exit safely。In addition,You should not trust borrowing、Ask for passwords or other network information involving property。Involving property operations,Please verify the identity of the other party first,And please always pay attention to anydeli's tips on preventing fraud and crime。You know and agree,If you are on the custody of account information、The account is lost due to any negligence in the network security maintenance of the relevant Internet equipment、Give way,You are responsible for any consequences caused by this,anydeli is not responsible for this,For example, anydeli incurs related expenses,anydeli will have the right to recover from you。

[Restricted Freeze] You know and agree,In compliance with laws and regulations,Or subject to the requirements of the state agency,anydeli has the right to restrict or freeze your registered account,Under these circumstances,You may not be able to log in or use your registered account。

four、User Code of Conduct and Responsibility

[User Obligations] You know and promise,In the process of using the services provided by anydeli,You should comply with relevant laws and regulations,Do not engage in the following violations of laws and regulations,Acts that affect the normal provision of services or damage the legitimate interests of others:

(1) Do not use anydeli platform or related services to endanger national security、Destabilize politics、Divulge state secrets,Not infringe on the country、society、Collective interests and the legitimate rights and interests of third parties,Do not engage in illegal or criminal activities,Not set up for the implementation of fraud,Teach criminal methods,Making or selling prohibited items、Websites for illegal and criminal activities such as controlled items、Distribution group,Do not use online publishing to involve the implementation of fraud,Making or selling prohibited items、Information on controlled items and other illegal and criminal activities;

(2) Should not be made、release、copy、Access and dissemination、storage、Link to the following information:Oppose the basic principles established by the constitution;Endanger national security,Divulge state secrets,Subvert state power,Overthrow the socialist system,Inciting secession,Undermine national unity;Damage to national honor and interests;Incite national hatred、Ethnic discrimination,Undermine national unity;Undermine national religious policy,Propagating cults and feudal superstitions;Inciting illegal assembly、Association、procession、Demonstration、Gather crowds to disrupt social order;Forgery、spread rumor,Infringe on the rights of others,Disrupt the economy、Social order,Destabilizing;Spread obscenity、pornography、gambling、violence、Murder、Terror or abetting crime;Insult or slander others,Infringe upon the legitimate rights and interests of others;Promote terrorism、Extremist;Against local customs;Contains law、Other content prohibited by administrative regulations;

(3) The following activities that endanger the security of computer information networks should not be engaged in:Crack network services and related hardware and software facilities、damage、delete、Modified or added;Delete data and applications stored or transmitted in the computer information network、Modified or added;Use software or hardware to steal passwords from others、Illegal intrusion into another’s computer system;Deliberately made、Spread computer viruses and other destructive programs;Other activities that endanger computer information network security;

(4) Do not copy and use unpublished and unauthorized files on the Internet without authorization。Unless the relevant copyright owner expressly consents,Should not be hacked in the network without authorization、spread、Download or copy software for which a third party has copyright or perform any other activities that infringe on the intellectual property rights of others;

(5) Do not disseminate advertising information privately or use “swiping orders” or other improper methods to help others improve their evaluations or use evaluation rights to target other users、Threats implemented by merchants、Blackmail;

(6) Anydeli should not be involved in political and public events due to the use of anydeli related services;

(7) Not by infringing on the legal rights of third parties、cheat、Disrupt the system、Carry out a cyber attack、Malicious cash out、Brush credibility、Bulk registration、Register anydeli platform account with the machine、Use the machine to simulate the client and other means to conduct transactions or participate in any activities published by anydeli or its authorized third parties;

(8) Without anydeli's prior written permission,Should not be self-authorized or authorized、Assist any third party in illegally crawling any content displayed by anydeli ("illegal crawling" refers to the behavior of obtaining content data using a program not approved by anydeli or technical means such as abnormal browsing)。

[Responsibility] If you are involved in one or more of the above behaviors in the use of anydeli service,You need to take legal responsibility for your actions。The forms of assuming legal responsibility include but are not limited to:Compensation for the victim,And anydeli first assumed the administrative penalties or tort damages caused by your actions and other losses (including litigation costs)、Lawyers’ fees and other related legal process fees) after,You should pay anydeli equal compensation immediately。In addition,According to specific violations of laws and regulations,anydeli has the right to make independent judgments,Immediately suspend or terminate the provision of some or all services to you,Including lock、Logout、Delete account and other measures。Simultaneously,You agree,If your actions cause other people's economic losses,anydeli can be protected in the public interest、Consumer protection、Principles of protection of commercial interests,Under the premise of legal compliance,Deduct the corresponding money from your Qiandaibao account (if any),You agree and authorize、Entrust anydeli to carry out the above deduction operation。

You know and understand,If anydeli finds your violation of the above-mentioned laws and regulations,According to relevant laws and regulations,anydeli has the right or obligation to stop related services immediately,Delete or block related violation information、Service rating,And investigate and collect evidence as appropriate,Keep relevant records,Or report to relevant state agencies。Simultaneously,anydeli has the right to delete voluntarily、Block any data that contains the content。anydeli will comply with relevant national laws and regulations,Delete by law、Shielded data information is recorded、Save。

[Advertising promotion] You understand and agree:To provide you with more detailed、Attentive service,After your prior confirmation,anydeli or anydeli authorization、Approved third-party merchants、Advertisers may send you advertising information about goods and services that you may be interested in through the mobile phone number or email address you filled in during registration、Commercial information such as promotional offers,The method and scope can be changed without special notice to you;If you are unwilling to receive such information,Then you have the right to unsubscribe through the corresponding unsubscribe method provided by the anydeli platform。

You understand and agree,For the above-mentioned relevant advertising information,You should carefully judge its authenticity and reliability,Except clearly stipulated by laws and regulations,You are responsible for the transaction based on the advertising information。

[Purpose of Use] Unless otherwise agreed between you and anydeli in the specific terms of service or rules or anydeli gives written consent separately,You will ensure that the services under this service agreement are only for your personal non-commercial use。Without the written consent of anydeli,You must not use any plugins that are not authorized by anydeli、Plug-ins or third-party tools interfere with the services under this service agreement、damage、Modify or exert other influence。

Fives、intellectual property

[Intellectual Property] You understand and know,Unless otherwise stated in writing,Intellectual property rights of the following information and content (including but not limited to patent rights)、Copyright、Trademark rights and trade secrets) owned by anydeli:

1、 The content and information provided in anydeli related services (including but not limited to software、technology、program、Web page、Text、image、image、map、icon、Audio、video、chart、Layout design、Electronic document、Data, etc.);

2、Anydeli is used to provide the above-mentioned content and information infrastructure and platform (including but not limited to software、website、Applications, etc.);

3、Various trademarks used in anydeli to provide related services、Business image、Business logo、Technical know-how、slogan、Copywriting, etc.;

4、Anydeli platform service development、Operation、All data and information generated during maintenance, etc.。

The above rights owned by anydeli and the intellectual property rights of any content contained in the services provided are protected by law,Without anydeli's prior written permission,You promise that you should not and should not allow or assist anyone in any form (including but not limited to using any robot、spider、Screenshots and other programs or equipment) for use、rent、Loan、distribution、Show off、copy、modify、link、Reprint、compilation、Publish、publishing、Grab、Monitor、Citing or creating related derivative works。

[User-generated content] You understand and agree,Upload when you use the service provided by anydeli、submit、Stored or published content (including but not limited to text、image、video、Audio、Animation, etc.) are originally created by you or have been legally authorized。You upload via anydeli、submit、The intellectual property rights of any content stored or published belong to you or the original copyright owner,Your upload、submit、The act of storing or publishing will not infringe on the intellectual property rights or other legal rights of others。

You know、Understand and agree,Once you accept this service agreement,It means that you take the initiative to add the non-exclusive、Transferable property rights,Such as copyright (including but not limited to:Copy right、Distribution rights、Leasehold、Exhibition rights、Performance right、Screening rights、Broadcasting rights、Information network dissemination right、Filming rights、Adaptation rights、Translation rights、Compilation rights and other transferable rights that should be enjoyed by the copyright owner),Permanently all over the world、free、Exclusive and irrevocable authorization to anydeli and its affiliates,Anydeli and its affiliates can use the above content (including but not limited to commercial use) based on such authorization or make any necessary sub-authorization to a third party independently。Such authorization、Use scenarios for sublicenses include but are not limited to current or any other websites、application、Products or mobile terminal equipment, etc.,And anydeli and its affiliates or third parties authorized by anydeli and its affiliates can modify the above-mentioned authorized content、copy、adaptation、translation、Compilation or production,Formation of derivative products。Without violating the mandatory provisions of relevant laws and regulations、On the basis of respecting the intellectual property rights of the relevant original authorized content,The related intellectual property rights of these derivative products belong to anydeli and its affiliates or third parties authorized by anydeli。

You confirm and agree to authorize anydeli and its affiliates to upload in your own name or entrust a professional third party、submit、Infringement of stored or published content (including derivative works) independently protects rights and obtains full compensation。Rights protection forms include but are not limited to:Monitoring infringement、Send a letter of protection、File a lawsuit or arbitration、Mediation、Reconciliation, etc.。Anydeli and its affiliates have the right to make independent decisions and implement rights protection matters。

You agree,Because you uploaded via anydeli、Intellectual property infringement issues caused by any content posted,You will take full responsibility;Such as anydeli and its affiliates,Or other service providers authorized by anydeli incurred losses due to third-party intellectual property rights protection,You will pay the same amount。

This service agreement has constituted a written agreement stipulated in Article 25 of the Copyright Law,Its effect and the content of any works protected by copyright law published by users on the anydeli platform,Whether the content is formed before the signing of the service agreement or after the signing of the service agreement。anydeli and anydeli sublicense、Licensed parties have the right to use your product experience published on the anydeli platform、Product discussions or pictures for use or use in cooperation with others,The scope of use includes but is not limited to the website、e-magazine、magazine、publication、poster、Public number article、WeChat applet etc.。

[Software use] In the process of using anydeli related client,You may need to download specific software。To improve the user experience、Fix bugs、Security and other considerations,anydeli has the right to update the software,You should update the relevant software to the latest version,Otherwise anydeli will not guarantee that you can use the related software normally。

If you obtain software from a third party that is not authorized by anydeli or an installer with the same name as the software,anydeli cannot guarantee the normal use of the software,Related losses caused by this,anydeli is not responsible。

[Prohibition of Software Use] Unless anydeli has written permission,You must not engage in any of the following behaviors when using anydeli software:

(1) Delete、Edit or obscure the copyright on the software and its copies、Trademark or other rights marking or marking information;

(2) Copy、release、Sell ​​or rent software or any part of it;

(3) Reverse engineering the software、Reverse assembly、Decompile,Or try to dig in other ways、Extract the source code of the software;

(4) Other software、Any addition to the data generated by the software、Cut、Any act of change,Contains production、Use、Authorize various third-party plug-ins、Plug-in、The system performs the above actions。

six、Termination of agreement

[Termination of the agreement] This service agreement is terminated in any of the following situations:

(1) Anydeli has the right to stipulate in accordance with this service agreement,Withdraw、Log out user account,In this case,This service agreement is withdrawn from the account、Termination on the date of cancellation;

(2) When the account cancellation conditions announced on the anydeli platform are met,You log out of anydeli user account through the website self-service or anydeli customer service,This service agreement terminates on the day of account cancellation。You understand and agree,You have read carefully、Acknowledge the "anydeli Privacy Policy" and its Annex I "User Cancellation Agreement",And have understood、Agree to the relevant user's cancellation process and the arrangement of rights and obligations after cancellation;

(3) Anydeli has the right to terminate all anydeli platform services with reasonable advance notice according to its own commercial arrangements,This service agreement terminates on the day when all services on the anydeli platform are terminated by legal procedures and methods。

After termination of this service agreement,anydeli will not be able to continue to provide you with any services or perform any other obligations,Including but not limited to retaining or disclosing any information in their original anydeli account to you,Forward any unread or sent information to you or a third party, etc.。

The termination of this service agreement does not affect the validity of Article 5 intellectual property clauses and other clauses that should continue to be valid according to their content,It does not affect the relevant rights and obligations of the parties before the termination of this service agreement,Including but not limited to the observant party's investigation of the breaching party's liability for breach of contract in accordance with this service agreement。

Seven、Notification and delivery

You know and recognize,Anydeli may notify you of important information through any one or several of the following methods as appropriate:

(1) Send electronic information to the email address you submitted during registration;

(2) Send electronic information to the mobile phone number you submitted during registration;

(3) Send paper carrier information to the actual address provided by you;

(4) Publish electronic information in a prominent position on the website or the client;

(5) Send electronic messages to anydeli website or the account of the corresponding client’s site or other instant messaging clients。

The above electronic information will be deemed to have been delivered after it has been successfully sent or published。The delivery of the relevant paper carrier shall be deemed to be delivered on the fifth natural day after the mailing date on the relevant mailing voucher。

The above methods of service can also be applied to relevant arbitration or judicial procedures (including litigation、Trial、Various stages of implementation)。

You should ensure that the contact information provided is accurate、Effective,And update it in time,Reasons that are not attributable to anydeli, such as the inaccurate contact information provided or the lack of update, etc.,Lead to related notifications、file、Documents cannot be delivered or delivered in time,You will bear the possible legal consequences。

Eight、Force majeure or other exemptions

[Force Majeure] You understand and agree,In the process of using this service,May encounter risk factors such as force majeure,Interrupt or terminate the service under this service agreement。Force majeure means unforeseen、Objective events that cannot be overcome and unavoidable and have a significant impact on one or both parties,Including but not limited to information network equipment maintenance、Information network connection failure、computer、Communication or other system failure、Power failure、strike、Labor Dispute、riot、uprising、riot、Insufficient productivity or production materials、Fire、flood、storm、explosion、war、Government Action、Changes in laws and regulations、Judicial Administration Order、Other acts such as inability to service or delayed service caused by force majeure or the inaction of a third party。When the above situation occurs,anydeli will work hard to cooperate with relevant departments as soon as possible,Repair in time,But the loss caused to you,Anydeli is exempt from liability within the scope permitted by law。

[Other exemptions] You understand and agree,In compliance with the law,anydeli is not responsible for service interruption or termination caused by the following reasons:

(1) Subject to computer virus、Trojan horses or other malicious programs、Hacking damage;

(2) User or anydeli's computer software、system、Failure of hardware and communication lines;

(3) Improper user operation;

(4) Users use this service in a way that is not authorized by anydeli;

(5) Other circumstances beyond anydeli's control or reasonably foreseeable。

[Information authenticity] Anydeli reminds you,In the process of using this service,You may encounter risks caused by network information or other user behaviors,Such risks include threats made by others anonymous or pseudonymous、defamation、disgusting、illegal、Misleading、Any psychology caused by any information or behavior such as deception、Physical injury or economic loss。Please carefully identify,And promptly report or complain to anydeli or relevant authorities when encountering the above-mentioned related illegal acts。anydeli will carry out daily inspections of relevant content and deal with it accordingly when it receives a report or complaint,But please pay attention,anydeli is not responsible for the authenticity of any information issued or published by non-anydeli、applicability、Legal responsibility,Nor is it responsible for the damage caused to you by third party infringement。

[Limitation of Liability] Unless otherwise expressly stated in writing,In compliance with laws and regulations,anydeli does not comment on the information on its website and client、content、material、Products or services make any form of express or implied statement or guarantee

nine、Jurisdiction、Application of law and dispute resolution

Establishment of this service agreement、Take effect、fulfill、Interpretation and dispute resolution,Applicable to the laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China Mainland,And exclude the application of all conflict laws。

If there is a dispute between you and anydeli due to a product or service problem in a specific service,You agree,Such disputes will be accepted by the competent people’s court in the place where the dispute is resolved as stipulated in the terms of service or rules applicable to the specific service。For the purposes of this service agreement,If you have a dispute with anydeli due to the text of this service agreement,You agree to submit this service agreement to the people's court with jurisdiction for acceptance。This service agreement is signed in Chaoyang District, Beijing。


[Keywords] The keywords listed in front of the terms of this service agreement are only used to help understand the subject matter of the terms and quickly locate and query the terms,Cannot replace any content of the terms,Nor is it used as a basis for interpreting the terms,anydeli recommends that you carefully read the specific expressions of each clause,To protect your legal rights。

[Severability] If any one of this service agreement is deemed to be annulled、Invalid or unenforceable for any reason,This article shall be regarded as divisible and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining articles。

If you have any questions or suggestions about this service agreement,Please contact anydeli customer service department during working hours。

Thank you again for your patience to read!













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